Standbuy goes international.... LENTI Aktion ist angesagt !!!

  • Das erste Spiel in Lenti 2023 von uns !

    Mal ganz was neues und trotzdem Aktion und Spaß angesagt !

    Anmeldungen NUR über die Homepage, Ticket muss im vorhienein gekauft werden, KEINE Vor Ort Anmeldung !

    The countdown⌛has begun, and the anticipation is building as the Squad vs Squad Airsoft ⚔️ event approaches. This is no ordinary competition, it's a test of skill, strategy, and endurance, where only the strongest and most determined teams will emerge victorious.
    You and your squad will be dropped into the heart of a sprawling terrain, where danger lurks around every corner and the Cartel holds sway over the streets in the city. Your mission is to discover and reach all points scattered throughout the urban and wooden terrain and check in at each one, but be prepared, the competition will be fierce, and the other teams will be just as determined as you are to come out on top.
    To aid you in your quest, you'll be given a map 🧭 with a unique series of numbers that correspond to the locations of the points. But as you navigate the urban and wooden terrain, you'll have to decide if you're going to engage in battles with the Cartel or try to negotiate 💵🤝 with them to gain access to the points in the city. This will add an extra layer of strategy and realism to the event.
    The urban and wooden terrain will be the perfect location for the event, it will be a true test of your skills and your team's ability to adapt to different terrains and navigate through the obstacles.
    The first 3 teams that reach all the points first will be rewarded with prizes, and the respect of all the other players. This event is not just about winning, it's about pushing yourself to the limit, testing your skills and determination, and coming out on top as a true warrior.
    The clock is ticking⌛, the event is coming up soon, gather your squad and prepare to take on the ultimate airsoft challenge in this diverse urban and wooden terrain. Are you ready to prove yourself as a true champion?
    Tickets will be available 📅 from 29.01.2023 until 2 weeks before the event.
    Squad Size (8 Players + Squad Leader) GPS 🗺️:

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