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Wer ist der Veranstalter?
Boder War Crew

Wo findet die Veranstaltung statt?
Tschechische Republik - 90min. von Prag in Mlada Boleslav

Wann findet die Veranstaltung statt?
7-9.4.2017 (Anreise ab Mittwoch 5.4.2017 Abends)

Was kostet die Teilnahme?
ab 75€

Wer darf kommen, gibt es Voraussetzungen?
Alter ab 18
Allgemeine Regeln sowie Fraktionsspezifische Regeln findet ihr auf der Border War Homepage

Worum geht es bei diesem Event?
50h Milsim auf einem ehemaligem Tschechischen Militärareal mit sieben verschiedenen Fraktionen.

Alle Infos sowie die Anmeldung findet ihr unter

General introduction

 Democratic Republic of Nombeko is a small state that lays on the foothills of the Quasambi mountains beautiful landscape rich fauna and flora almost a paradise, unfortunately with a rough history. Nombeko is a third world country which not long time ago went through an intensive switch of government. Republic of Nombeko is the most developed and progressing country among its neighbors, it is led by President Mirembe who is heavily supported in his fight for democracy by allied Minacuan government.

Neighboring kingdom of Lindiwe tried to reform its government as well, unfortunately no matter foreign support the transformation was not successful as in Nombeko. Kingdom of Lindiwe shattered apart, king run to the exile and local warlords pillaged the country in 10 years of civil war. Lindiwe kingdom is a perfect example of chaos and humanitarian catastrophe. Reports of slavery, kidnappings and child soldiers have been brought many times to council of nations. During the civil war Warlord Simba (The Lion) and his Movement for Peoples Independence (MPI) managed to take usurp the ruling power in Lindiwe. Simba removed, threatened and kidnaped most of the other political candidates before the elections and he was with majority vote successfully elected as a president soon after.

Formal Lindiwe kingdom now called Peoples Republic of Lindiwe used to be agricultural country, large granaries helped to feed many neighboring countries. Nombeko on the other side was industry focused on mining and diamond processing. Both countries in the old days prospered and traded goods among each other together within local trade union (CTU – Central Trade Union), unfortunately this is a history. Revolution in Lindiwe was backed up by Umria and was not really welcomed by Nombeko sponsored by Minacua. Cancelation of the CTU (Central Trade Union) was one of the consequences and as well causes why Lindiwe didn’t developed further.

Allied support and reconstruction plans

Nombeko received budget support from Minacua helping to establish a large scale post-civil war recovery plan. Modern mining, hospitals, schools, infrastructure and diamond processing industry have been built in the foothills of Quasambi Mountains from Minacua funds. Money investments in Lindiwe for infrastructure development got mostly stolen by warlords and that just increased the gap among the two neighbors. Umria at some point stopped supporting Lindiwe government as they saw no progress and pulled back all their advisors from the country.

It was a hard lesson learned for Umria foreign investors, and a big shock for Lindiwe treasury and agricultural industry. Not by accident the most important industry in Nombeko is in full control of Minacuan investors. A large contingent of Minacuan advisors is just in case attached to all major governmental institutions of Nombeko; simply Minacuans like to have their investments fully under control considering local habits.

Former warlord Simba now a president of Peoples Republic of Lindiwe rules with his corrupt government through his Movement for Peoples Independence, but in the same time he still stuffs his pockets with money from guns and drugs industry he ruled in before he moved to politics. Nombeko diamond industry lies just kilometers from the border of his territory and always tempted his love for diamonds. The more Lindiwe treasury is decreasing and moving close to total bankruptcy, his love for diamonds from Nombeko seems to grow.

 Diamonds are forever

President Simba invented a plan how to put his hands on Nombeko riches. In last year’s his spies started working as miners and engineers in Nombeko main diamond industry, monitoring all situation and bringing valuable Intel. Main findings were that Minacuans have established a very effective cheap labor, low cost and high income business. Local Nombeko business man received just a small share of the profit and in last years they were getting quite fed up with Minacuan traders. As well they were secretly seeking business opportunities in Lindiwe. The logistic process for raw diamond transportation got perfectly monitored as well.

MIB Minacuan Bureau of Intelligence knows from its agents in Lindiwe that there is a potential danger situation emerging connected to diamond mines. But until now there were no significant threats to Minacuan people in Nombeko that would require any action.

As report from MIB explains “Few years ago President Simba (Former Warlord) searched for somebody skilled enough to help him with (A.F.L) Armed Forces of Lindiwe reform, name “Red Scorpion” appeared on the list. Recent evidence linked to the fact that Red Scorpion and his dogs of war are free to be hired, president Simba send his emissary for a secret meeting. No outcome of the meeting was confirmed”

Recently Nombeko miners in the mountains boycotted Diamonds Industry Ltd. facilities with a large scale strike. Miners demanded better working conditions and higher wages from diamond processing companies. The industry simply stopped during the strike. Miners stopped working in mines and as well logistic companies stopped transporting raw diamonds from the warehouses to processing companies. During the protests, miners burned down Nombeko presidential residence and as well attacked Minacuan traders.

Secret plan

Lindiwe government for last years secretly reformed its armed forces and sponsored Red Scorpion and his advisors to help the needed reforms. One of the main secrets was that in paralel to the official reforms in A.F.L. Red Scorpion hired large highly trained mercenary army which got incorporated into A.F.L. ranks to look like regular conscript infantry. Tense relations between Nombeko business man and Minacuan traders just on the other side of the border seemed like an easy target with a reward of warehouses full of raw diamonds. Lindiwe undercover agents started plotting false propaganda about Minacuans and planned large scale strike leading to industry collapse. Local miners were given false promises of better life under Lindiwe protection. Important people got bribed and in the same time in the jungles a large numbers of Red Scorpions mercenaries and newly trained A.F.L. shock troops prepared for a large scale assault against the Qusambi mines and as well on key targets deep in Nombeko territory.

A sudden strike

Diamond Business in Quasambi foothills was protected by PMC companies and unfortunately they were the first targets of the A.F.L. sudden invasion. Within few hours G.R.A. (General Reaction Agency) and Bishop Security Ltd. Private Military Company facilities were seized and large amounts of raw diamonds got stolen. Some people say half of the quarterly production forth of billions. It seems that perfectly organized strike made the warehouses full of diamonds before they would be transported by logistic companies for further processing. PMC units were not prepared to fight well organized A.L.F. Special Forces combined with Red Scorpion elite Dogs of War units. Nombeko armed forces suffered within first hours of invasion heavy losses due to hard perfectly planned strikes on military compounds deep in the Nombeko territory, morale broke down and regular conscript infantry deserted. Some warehouses and mining towers were blown off by resisting Minacuan traders who kept fighting before they were either killed or before they surrendered to A.F.L.

Neither Nombeko nor Minacuan government expected an invasion from Lindiwe at this point of time was possible as A.F.L. was expected to be a weak and unorganized third world country army struggling on the edge of bankruptcy.. A surprise came with few photographs of Red Scorpion giving speeches in Quasambi mines distributing weapons to miners celebrating liberation from oppression. Nobody expected that Simba would hire Red Scorpion with his elite ranks of mercenaries loyal to his lead from previous campaigns.

The countermeasures

Nombeko military forces are still not effectively retrained after the years of civil war and expecting them to perform well in protection of foreign investments against skilled fighting force would be a mistake. Many Minacuan citizens working in the Mining industry got captured and kidnapped, as well many of them still hide in the Quasambi foothills. Immediate action needs to take place in order to save the citizens and protect the diamond business. Nombeko government welcomed offer from the side of Minacuan ally and allowed entry of MEF (Minacuan Expedition Forces) to its territory to help in current situation with a free mandate to fix the problem with all means necessary.

A contingent of Council of Nation observers (CNO - (Blue Helmets)) have been deployed as well in order to monitor the situation - making sure that humanitarian catastrophe can be avoided.

Inhabitants and Infrastructure

Quasambi foothills are inhabited by several tribes living in the area for hundreds of years. Population is in majority illiterate. Local Missionary runs orphanage and school with support of church in order to increase education of young population. Regional governance is still expecting support in terms of infrastructure development as water pipeline and hospital establishment. Embete village is a center of local miner community and diamond trade rest of the inhabitants live scatter across the forest in smaller family units. PMC offices and CNO forward HQ can be found in Embete as well.

Fauna and Flora

Quasambi foothills are higher elevation area with continental fauna and flora with deep forest animals and occasional savannah animals. orrests are deep with many jungle like intensity although its not a rain forrest we can sometimes see large variety of very exotic flowers and animals.
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Folgende Mitglieder haben sich für diesen Post bedankt: Link im Bild

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am: 09.11.2015, 11:26 8 Aktuelles / News / Marktplatzpflege 2015

Liebe Forenbenützer und Innen!

Nachdem sich der Marktplatz nun schön mit Angeboten und Nachfragen gefüllt hat, wird es wieder mal Zeit, ihn zu pflegen.
Daher darf ich euch im Namen des ASF-Teams ersuchen eure Suche/Verkaufe/Tausche-Topics auf ihre Aktualität zu prüfen.

Es ergeht folgende Bitte an euch:
Bitte pusht alle S/V/T Topics die älter als der 01.09.2015 sind, sofern sie noch relevant sind.

Jene Topics, die älter als der 01.09.2015 sind und nicht bis zum 01.12.2015 gepushed wurden, werden automatisch geschlossen und in das Archiv verschoben.

Da es beim letzten Mal sehr gut und reibungslos funktioniert hat, bedanke ich mich gleich mal vorweg für die Mitarbeit.

Danke für die Mitarbeit!
ASF Team
Hiho ! Bin heute auf die Seite gestoßen.... Das ist der Bundesverband zur Kontrolle im Umgang und der Handhabung von Anscheinswaffen in Österreich. Kennt die jemand bzw. sind die hier im Forum vertreten ? Wäre nett wenn die den Verein hier vorstellen würden.. ;)

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